Board of Directors

The choir is managed by a volunteer board of directors, elected each year at the annual general meeting. The 2018–2019 board members are:

Eric Duffy, President
Eric chairs meetings, facilitates policy development and implementation, liaises with the artistic director and oversees all operations of the TCS.

Leandro Palacios, Vice-President
Leandro acts for the president in his absence and supports the president and other directors as needed for effective operation of the choral society.

Marilyn Sanders, Secretary
Marilyn ensures the TCS board meetings are organised and minuted. She also maintains effective records and keeps track of the tasks of directors and volunteers.

Sherida Etherington, Treasurer
Sherida prepares the annual budget, manages revenues and expenses, files tax returns, issues receipts, maintains the books of the choral society, and prepares financial reports and statements.

Andrew B.Q. Lam, Librarian
Andrew obtains, documents, distributes and maintains all music belonging to or being used by the choral society.

Kate Walker, Choir Operations Coordinator
Kate is responsible for all aspects of the production of the choir’s concerts and rehearsals, including venue rental, front of house operations and stage management.

Joanne Morningstar, Choir Relations Coordinator
Joanne is responsible for matters related directly to the members, such as orientation, admission, membership, newsletters and social events.

Debby Blyth, Community Relations Coordinator
Debby is responsible for external communication including audience development, concert publicity and promotion, concert programs and public relations.

Gaylanne Phelan, Fundraising Coordinator
Gaylanne coordinates all internal and external fundraising initiatives including donations, sponsorships, special events and grant applications.

Erin Smith, Past President
Erin provides advice and support to the Board as needed and serves as board liaison with the Street Haven Women’s Choir.