The Toronto Choral Society is proud to return to Koerner Hall to present Navidad Nuestra—a concert featuring two of the best-known works of acclaimed Argentine composer Ariel Ramírez.

At once exhilarating and haunting, Navidad Nuestra and the Misa Criolla resonate with the pulse of Argentine folk melodies accompanied by traditional Andean instruments and percussion. Navidad Nuestra (Our Nativity) tells the story of the birth of Jesus, from the angel’s message to the flight into Egypt. The inspiring Misa Criolla was one of the first masses ever to be written in a regional dialect.

Celebrating the authenticity of Navidad Nuestra and the Misa Criolla, the choir is delighted to welcome back the renowned Latin ensemble, Cassava, led by Rodrigo Chavez and featuring tenor Ernesto Cárdenas. The two groups have collaborated on this music in the past, performing them in sold-out concerts and producing a popular recording of both works in 2014.

Join us for an uplifting evening of exceptional music from South America—and Feliz Navidad

The Toronto Choral Society at Koerner Hall

The Toronto Choral Society (TCS) was founded in 1845, to foster a positive musical environment that enables members to learn and develop both musical ability and choral repertoire.

The TCS aims to be an integral part of the community of Toronto, presenting important works from the traditional choral repertoire, exploring the music of the many cultures that make up our community, and making an active contribution to the life of the city by participating in community events.