Toronto Choral Society to Tour Iceland

The Toronto Choral Society (TCS) will undertake a concert tour in Iceland this spring. On Tuesday, May 24, the choir will give its first concert at Iceland’s oldest church in Skálholt, located on the famed “Golden Circle”.  A second concert is planned for City Hall in Reykjavik a few days later in the presence of Canadian Ambassador to Iceland, Mr. Stewart Wheeler.

The choir is preparing a combination of Canadian and Icelandic music including “In the City,” commissioned from Toronto composer Brian Finley, Eleanor Daley’sIn remembrance, and music by iconic Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer. The choir will also perform Icelandic composer Jón Leifs’ haunting Requiem, and Heyr Himna Smiður, a traditional and beloved Icelandic hymn.

“Iceland is a fantastic destination for the choir,” said Geoffrey Butler, Conductor and Artistic Director. “They have a strong choral music tradition—there are over 200 choirs in a country of just 320,000 people—and their first choir was started in 1850, about the same time the TCS was founded. In addition, TCS has a powerful diversity mandate and performs music from many cultures at home in Toronto. It will be a thrill to showcase Canadian music for audiences in another country.”


Carmina Burana, O Fortuna - Carf Off

Performed by the Toronto Choral Society during Winter, 2015.

The Toronto Choral Society (TCS) was founded in 1845, to foster a positive musical environment in which members can learn and develop both musical ability and choral repertoire. In addition, TCS aims to be an integral part of the community of Toronto, presenting important works from the traditional choral repertoire, exploring the music of the many cultures that make up our community, and making an active contribution to the life of the city by participating in community events.